Introducing the ultimate platform
of the Social Internet of Things

Lysis is a cloud-based platform for the deployment of Internet of Things applications.
It has been designed to exploit the PaaS service model and the Social Internet of Things paradigm by means of the Social Virtual Object allowing easy programming and reusability.

Virtual Things

Cyber counterparts of physical objects, which we call social virtual objects, are virtualized in the cloud. They offer almost unlimited computational capabilities and a set of standard API for easy programming.

Social Things

In the SIoT, objects establish social-like relationships between each other.Virtual Objects are able to form their on social networks and share information in a trustworthy way.

Cloud Environment

Every IoT application runs in cloud as well as the Virtual Objects. A gmail account is needed to get the required cloud space.

Apps Market

From the Apps Market, users can choose the right application to install in cloud and to provide the right service by connecting the virtual things.

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